May the itch

of wanting 

to know what’s

around each bend

always nag you

may your bearings

you never fail

to find,

and a pleasant calm

drift over you 

and usher tranquil sleep

each night ’till rise and shine

may your soul

always be 

at peace

when life takes 

you far from home,

may you follow 

in the footsteps 

of your Father

in whichever 

world you choose 

to roam

may you be wise enough

not be saddened

by the embers’ fading glow,

but have the wit 

to build your own fire 

whenever cold winds blow.
~Eric Vance Walton~

The Greatest Gift


When there are no more jobs
for these hands,
no more ideas 
streaming from my mind

I wish to be remembered
as a cultural chameleon,
a humble drifter,
sensitive to the beauty
of this world

these days,
they are borrowed,
but the memories
are ours to keep

the greatest gift
of the mortal
is living a life so brave
that you find your tribe,
and grow old
with those know
your soul so well,
they can see the world
through your eyes.

~Eric Vance Walton~

A Writer’s Life

Shaky with apprehensions,

poorer this year than the last,

existing in the place between

what will be and what has passed


it’s an author’s life for me

I have given the benefit of every doubt,

and during fevers of eloquence,

found myself electrified absolutely

by the lightning bolt of muse


this current flowing through me,

greater than any currency

it has given me friends that span oceans wide

there are no borders here, no blind pride

we are bound by our love of words,

and have found an all embracing tenderness

that shows us

there should be no other way.


~Eric Vance Walton~

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Beyond Words

Blessed beyond words
truth is like a bird
with a broken wing,
it cannot fly
but can surely sing

this song calls to me,
the inner voice
of muse speaks
volumes, stitching together
fractured moments of my life
and giving each of them worth

these words bubble up gently
from a place, cool and
deep inside of us all
that is immortal and wise,
their warmth and their light
wash over me to cleanse my
soul and remind me that
in a world the reeks of harshness
we are never fools to be kind

all who seek solace will one day find
in each day a reason to keep smiling
in spite of the world and all its beguiling ways
for it is true, we are blessed beyond words.

~Eric Vance Walton~


The world has grown up around us
leaving us with our memories
and the beauty of broken things,
dusty relics of the time we knew

even the sky is different now
but yet we cast the same shadows
and these shadows still stretch
as we walk away from the sun

the crowd grows younger each year
but I feel a warmth that only wisdom brings
to have weathered all the winds life has blown
and still be able to smile…to find joy
means, today, I’ve won. I am not broken

These years have taught me
to feast on the marrow of life
to wring out the glistening drops of happiness
and not trouble myself with the trivial,

the day’s events slither,
they are shallow and fickle
sometimes difficult to grasp
they do not even know themselves

in the end all that matters
is the sum of the words written
on the pages of our book of life
and their unique and personal truths.

~Eric Vance Walton~

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Freedom in Sixty-Four Bars

5:30AM wake up, shower,
coffee, buttered toast, and
So What flowing from the radio

its call and response,
like smoke, coaxes me softly
to some other kind of consciousness

a strange feeling settles
at two minutes thirty-three,
reality? It’s just some charlatan

“you’ve been a harlot, son.”
the notes say, “You’ve sold your best years for a song.”

By three minutes twenty-six
Mr. Davis had me transfixed,
I was living 2/7ths of a life

struggling through the mires
of a Monday to Friday strife
for such a small slice

but who am I to whine?
it’s taken quite a long time but…so what?
I’ve found freedom in sixty-four bars.

~Eric Vance Walton~


Of all these things I covet,
all I’ve loved to pieces
until they are no more
you are my greatest enigma

my touchstone,
the thief of my heart
your words drip
as your soul skips
through the next
field of daisies

the words
you’ve said
will echo
through the ages
in my head,

they will wrap
me in warmth
on cold days
and one day
will remind me
what it was
like to truly
be alive.

~Eric Vance Walton~

Broken Dreams

In this world it’s so easy
to be broken,
so many dreams are
fractured every day

We must carry on in
this world of madness,
when all we want
to really do is play

Trust is such a scary
road to wander,
it can feel like a
stone in your shoe

The pain brings you
back to this moment,
and can reveal a
very sacred truth

Don’t ever spend too much
time looking backwards
or laying down and
gazing at the stars

This life is all
about the journey
and these broken dreams
can show us who we are.

~Eric Vance Walton~