Autographed Poetry Prints For Sale!

Own or gift an original work of award-winning poet and novelist Eric Vance Walton. These make great and unique gifts for all occasions.


One poem for $20 or two poems for $30.  After two poems are purchased each additional poem is $15. (same order only)

Poem prints are mailed in 8 x 12″ format on parchment paper, ready and suitable for framing.

Ordering Instructions (it’s very easy):

  1. Choose your poem(s) on the “My Poems” page of this site.  Take note of the title(s) you wish to purchase;
  2. Log into PayPal;
  3. Click “Pay or Send Money” then click “Send Money to Friends or Family”;
  4. Enter and the total price;
  5. In the PayPal Notes section, add the poem title(s)*; and
  6. Don’t forget your address!  Please add it into the notes if it’s not listed automatically.

* If you’ve seen a poem of mine that you like elsewhere (Facebook, Twitter, my blog) but it’s not listed on the “My Poems” page of my site just email me the title at and I will make it available for purchase.


Please add $5 for International Shipping (orders outside of the USA.)  Shipping is included in the price for U.S. orders.

Each print will be autographed by the author. Please check back frequently as new poems will be added periodically.

Thank you, Readers!

2 thoughts on “Autographed Poetry Prints For Sale!

  1. Your poem One second Is Eternity was very moving. Your poems “Your Kiss” and “Level me” touched my heart and memories of my husband came flooding back. They are two wonderful poems. Thank you for writing them.

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