Personalized Poetry

Do you know what you’d like to say to that special someone but can’t find the words? I would love to help.

I’ve been writing poetry for over two decades and have published several books. Google my full name (Eric Vance Walton) and you will see that my individual poems have been published widely in many publications and literary journals.

Through my decades of experience I will insure that the poem we craft together reflects the depth of your caring and love for the recipient. This poem will make an impression that will be remembered always.

Throughout the years I’ve been commissioned by individuals and businesses all over the world to create personalized poems.

The personalized poetry process works like this:

  1. Email me at to request a personalized poetry questionnaire that will ask key questions vital to the creation of the custom poem. You will fill out this simple questionnaire and return it to me to the same email address;
  2. we will have one collaborative consultation over the phone or via email, Skype or FaceTime.  During this collaborative session you will explain, in your words, what you would like the poem to be about;
  3. from this session I create a first draft for your review.  You give your feedback of what you like and what you don’t or if there was anything I missed; and
  4. A final draft is presented for your review and approval.  Once approved, the piece comes artfully printed on heavy weight parchment paper (see examples below) and can even be matted and framed to your specifications for an additional fee.

Estimated time from start to completion of your personalized poem is typically about a one month, this varies according to the amount of clients I am working with at the time.  Although it’s recommended that you contact me several months before a piece is to be presented, I can sometimes make exceptions.

The price for this unique, one of a kind personalized poetry service is $125.00. The fee can be paid either before or after the poem is completed to insure your complete satisfaction.

Payment is easy, all major credit cards are accepted via PayPal.

PayPal instructions are as follows:

1. log onto your Paypal account;

2. choose, “Pay or Send Money”;

3. click, “Send money to friends or family (if you choose any other option Paypal charges a fee); and

4. send the payment of $125 (U.S.) to “”.

Please email me at: or message me on Facebook at my author page if interested or if you have any questions.

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