One Word At A Time: Finding Your Way as an Indie Author

We’re in the middle of a publishing revolution. Publishing houses no longer hold all of the keys to success as a writer. The world is changing. Every writer has a chance to be part of the new publishing world. This book is not about publishing contracts and million dollar book deals. This book is about creating a life as a writer. One Word at a Time is a deeply personal guide to success as a writer. Eric Vance Walton shares his hard-won lessons about creating and sustaining the writer’s life. If you want a practical and personal guide to success as a writer, this book is for you.

One Word At A Time: Finding Your Way as an Indie Author

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What Amazon readers are saying: 

“I’ve just finished reading Eric Vance Walton’s new book, One Word at a Time Finding Your Way as an Indie Author. Eric Vance Walton, the author of, Alarm Clock Dawn, has also published a few children’s books and a few books on his poetry, for Eric is a wonderful poet.
After purchasing his debut novel, Alarm Clock Dawn, I became quite a fan of his work. Eric is very loyal to his followers, and converses with them regularly on Facebook and other social media’s. Eric is always quick to respond to his followers with words of encouragement and helpful hints.
In his new book, One Word at a Time Finding Your Way as an Indie Author, Eric says, “There is nothing quite like logging onto my social media accounts and getting direct feedback from someone who your writing has made an impact on or someone you can help over a stumbling block in their writing career. When you have experienced this direct connection, it quickly becomes apparent that, as writers (and readers), we’re all really one big crazy, creative family and all of us are in this together.”
If you should happen to follow his Face Book Page, every Saturday he does something called, Showcase Saturday, where he lets other writers share their writings, links to their own books, blogs, pages, and web sites. Eric also posts another fun little exercise on his Face Book page, which has become quite the favorite of mine called, Impromptu Haiku. Eric will post a Haiku and encourage others to post a Haiku of their own in the comments.
One word at a Time Find Your Way as an Indie Author contains great tips on how to manage your time and finances while still holding down a full time job. Eric has over twenty years in the writing business, all the while holding down a full time job. This book is a must for any indie author. Come share in, Eric Vance Walton’s incredible journey, as he takes you through all the hurdles he has over overcome, mountains he has climbed, sorrows he has bared, and lessons he has learned, in his twenty- plus year epic journey as an indie author.” Tony Smith

“Very informative for a writer that has the talent, but they are not sure how to market your pieces. Very well written and reasonable. I would recommend this book hands down.” Curt 

“For anyone out there thinking about going down the self-publishing route, this book is a must read. I wish I had known about it a few years ago when I started my own journey into indie publishing! From my point of view, Eric’s book brings up a lot of things I have learnt myself, (but wish I had known then) and also some new angles on promotion and advertising that I had not yet thought of. I would say those who would get the most from this book would be people who have not yet made the move to publish their novel. Eric covers everything, from plot construction, creating believable characters and realistic dialogue, managing the pace of your story, to getting it published and finding your audience. I particularly enjoyed the part about characters and dialogue as I do feel this is where a lot of indie authors let themselves down. Writers can become so passionate about their plot and story and style, that they forget to fully flesh out those characters and make them speak the way people actually do! Eric has some great tips on this. I also felt inspired reading this. I love writing and I could tell that Eric is as passionate about it as I am. That comes through in every single paragraph. It is written so warmly and enthusiastically that it made me squirm with impatience, desperate to get back to my own writing, fully charged and inspired.” Chanatkins

“A Must Read For Beginners! – This book is well written, practical and above all else inspiring. It’s not your typical how-to book, with the facts of the craft splattered across paper in a mind numbing fashion.
Eric Vance Walton breaks down the publishing industry today in an easy to read and understandable manner. It is spiritually uplifting and the more you read the more you believe in yourself. He truly is paying it forward by helping all aspiring authors to maneuver through today’s publishing world.
As he paints the picture you can literally feel your confidence rise up, because he is honest in his own struggles and pitfalls. He writes with compassion and it literally felt like the book was written for me personally. For me, he simplified the steps to take to live the lifestyle of a writer and it no longer feels so daunting and out of reach.
I was deeply touched and had originally purchased the book in Kindle format. However, the more I read the more I realized that this will be my go-to book and so I purchased the paperback as well that I will highlight and fill with my own sticky notes as I continue on my journey.
If you are a struggling writer unsure of how to start and what direction to take then I highly recommend this book. I plan on purchasing more copies as gifts for the writers in my life.” JoAnna

“To all who need a little guidance and some expert advice in pursuing your writing, do yourself a favour and buy Eric’s ‘One Word At A Time’ (Finding your way as an indie author). From the concept to the conclusion of your work you’ll find all the help you need to set you on the right track. So much valuable help from a genuine and generous guy and so easy to read. I think this has already become my writer’s bible, a crucial work tool to tuck into my entrepreneurial belt. Thanks Eric for everything.” Annie Rider 

Invest in yourself and your writing career. Purchase a copy of One Word At A Time in paperback and eBook formats. 

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