Alarm Clock Dawn

Alarm Clock Dawn, author Eric Vance Walton’s debut novel, is the chilling story of a world only decades ahead of our own. Adam Harkin is an employee of XenTek, the most powerful corporation the world has ever known. Adam begins to question the purpose of his existence in a world where people are no longer citizens; they are merely consumers. Every aspect of a person’s role in society is to be determined by one number-their credit score. The planet is protesting corporate greed and insatiable consumerism through crippling super storms that erupt without warning. In a race against time, thousands of people are waking up from this nightmare, burning their Consumer Identification Cards and doing the only thing they can to strike back-dropping out of this toxic society. One by one they are joining the Quiet Rebellion and moving to the camps outside the cities. The fate of humanity itself is at stake and the clock is ticking. One question haunts their fragile optimism: Is it already too late?
Here’s a sample of what readers are saying on Amazon:
“What a great book!!! It really made me think about our future and the world we live in. The characters were believable and there were many great twists, especially near the end, I had no idea that was coming!! I will just say it, OMG! I definately recommend reading this one.”  Sara Brooks
“Alarm Clock Dawn is cleverly written and the title should “dawn” on you as you progress in your reading. Once you do get it, you may be surprised at the meaning of it and realize how the story relates to your life.Eric Vance Walton is a brilliant author and poet and proves it though out by providing his readers with layers of spirituality, suspense, poems, and symbolism. All you have to do is be willing and able to be receptive to Eric’s message. I believe that it is a powerful one and very well worth your time. I guarantee once you pick the book up, it will be hard to put it down.The book should help you, as it did me, to remember some things that you may have forgotten, things that are extremely important to a person’s soul and mental well-being. It may also help you to remember what you are passionate about. Blessings to all! Enjoy!” Jean White
“This is an excellent first novel from an author more known for his poetry. Set in a dystopian society, that frankly looks like somewhere we could easily be headed, the author crafts a cautionary tale about the excesses of a society that strives for more and more “things”. Driven by huge multinational corporations with excellent advertising (Marlboro, Budweiser, Lunestra anyone?), the story evolves to provide a yin to the yang that sets it up. I am NOTORIOUS for getting halfway through a book and jumping to the last chapter, just because I hate waiting. This book was the first one that I didn’t do that to in a Looooong time, and I was handsomely rewarded. There was a nice twist and denouement that I just didn’t see coming. Well worth the read!”  Shawn Mullen
“Alarm Clock Dawn is an exciting and thought provoking tale. A portrait that questions our assumptions of people, moral responsibility, and the courage to rise to our best selves in the real dangers of a resistant society. The story ends with a unique twist and hope for the future. A reminder of all that matters.”  Michelle Ellefsen
“This was a great book, one I could not put down. Based on a future that could not be to far from our own fate. The characters were well thought out, and the movement for the quiet rebellion, makes a person think about where they are truly at in their life. This is definitely a book worth having to read again, and again.”  Tony Smith
“Very good book with a captivating story. I especially liked the way he weaved spirituality into the text…a nice touch. A thought provoking page turner that all readers will enjoy. Congratulations Eric on your first novel.”  Betty Hottenrott
 Alarm Clock Dawn is a book that draws you in immediately, takes you on a wild adventure, and in the end leaves you a slightly different person.
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