The world has grown up around us
leaving us with our memories
and the beauty of broken things,
dusty relics of the time we knew

even the sky is different now
but yet we cast the same shadows
and these shadows still stretch
as we walk away from the sun

the crowd grows younger each year
but I feel a warmth that only wisdom brings
to have weathered all the winds life has blown
and still be able to smile…to find joy
means, today, I’ve won. I am not broken

These years have taught me
to feast on the marrow of life
to wring out the glistening drops of happiness
and not trouble myself with the trivial,

the day’s events slither,
they are shallow and fickle
sometimes difficult to grasp
they do not even know themselves

in the end all that matters
is the sum of the words written
on the pages of our book of life
and their unique and personal truths.

~Eric Vance Walton~

The Life of a Writer With a Full Time Job

I fell madly in love with writing the day that I found I could move people with my words. In my younger days I was extremely quiet and shy and writing became an important emotional outlet. As early as I can remember there has been this aching inside of me, to tell a story. As the years have progressed this deep desire to tell a story has become a lifelong obsession to polish and perfect my craft. For almost two decades I’ve have been juggling a full time job while writing books, poetry and freelance articles. Although my goal has always been write full time, [continue reading]

Big Boy Pants

I was feeling depressed and stuck a few days ago. After nearly twenty years my writing career underwent a quantum leap in growth in the previous two years and then began to sputter. I started to panic. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally grateful for each and every step of my journey so far but working with others can be difficult and when our personal aspirations aren’t met it’s easy to become impatient and frustrated.

I had a shift in attitude this morning that was triggered by a comment from one of my loyal readers. This is a precise example of why it’s so valuable for creative folks to communicate with one another. This particular interchange was Zen like and forced me to think about things from just a slightly different perspective. It was a reminder that it’s up to no one but me to take ownership for my own success.

What was the magic question you ask? It was a simple question but one that when deeply contemplated was absolutely transformative. It’s something that I challenge all of you indie authors to answer yourselves. If it were totally up to you what would you do to promote your books? Think about it, if you had to rely on no one else and the one person on Earth responsible for you achieving your goals was you, what action would you take? The secret is this is absolutely true…ultimately we’re all responsible for our own successes.

This writer’s life is really a difficult path, it’s one of the most difficult professions on Earth to make a living at, and it’s so easy to get discouraged. The truth is the very minute you think you have to fully rely on someone else for your success you instantly diminish your power. Although literary agents, publishers and the media can play an important role in your success, your fate never has been and never will be dictated by them. Your savior is yourself. If you keep remembering that, no matter what, no one else is responsible for your success but you, your power and confidence will grow exponentially.

I’ve learned from the James Altucher show that podcast guest appearances are the best book promotions available today. Author after author has confirmed this. So today I’m going to begin researching and contacting the
hosts of the top writer-focused podcasts to give my pitch and ask to be a guest. If nothing else this will give me some experience and help foster new connections that I can draw on. I will also begin to learn more about the industry incase I want to host my own podcast at some point in the future. It’s time to put on the big boy pants. The sky is truly the limit, I’ll make sure of it.

~Eric Vance Walton~


How lucid is your soul tonight
as guards are put to rest?
When not one is stirring ‘round you
and the sun is setting West,

your true being is emerging
as facades yield one by one
you long to merge with oneness
and to greet the golden sun,

free from inhibitions imposed
by the mind you call your own
freedom from the past mistakes,
these karmic seeds you’ve sown,

cross-legged, in the lotus
you begin to clear your wearied mind
wishing for a sliver of a moment
to leave the struggle far behind

your pulse begins to slow
as the void becomes your breath
your heart begins to soothe you
ever-beating in your chest,

dancing somewhere in the stillness
breaking shadows far and near
where a worry’s no longer a worry
and a tear is not a tear,

a wave is all consuming
a bright beam breaks clouds above
you reach your precious goal
and for a moment become Love.

~Eric Vance Walton~

Join The Indie Publishing Revolution!

We’re in the middle of a publishing revolution. Publishing houses no longer hold all of the keys to success as a writer. The world is changing. Every writer has a chance to be part of the new publishing world. This book is not about publishing contracts and million dollar book deals. This book is about creating a life as a writer. One Word at a Time is a deeply personal guide to success as a writer. In this book I share my hard-won lessons about creating and sustaining the writer’s life. If you want a practical and personal guide to success as a writer, this book is for you.  Available now for Kindle and in paperback.

One Word At A Time: Finding Your Way as an Indie Author
One Word At A Time: Finding Your Way as an Indie Author

I Present to you…The Greatest of Secrets!

On Sale Now…my new poetry chapbook, The Greatest of Secrets! This beautiful chapbook contains more than twenty original poems suited for Valentine’s Day and is entirely handmade and bound.


I’m so happy with how this book turned out. I collaborated with the talented Twin Cities artist, Kristi Casey, on this project. The Greatest of Secrets is a very limited edition of 100 copies and half of them were sold in pre-sales. Each of the 50 copies left will be hand-numbered and autographed. The dimensions of the book are 5” x 6” and the interior is printed on 24lb ivory colored paper. This even smells like an old book because the artist has used vintage sheet music for the cover. Since it’s handmade, each book cover will be slightly different.



The price for this one of a kind chapbook is $15.50 per copy US domestic and $16.50 for international orders. Shipping is included. Purchase your chapbook(s) now via PayPal (https://www.paypal.com) in 4 easy steps: 1. log onto your Paypal account; 2. choose, “Pay or Send Money”; 3. click, “Send money to friends or family (or Paypal charges a fee); and 4. send the proper amount to, “ericvancewalton@gmail.com”. Please don’t forget to include the shipping address in the notes.

If you’d rather pay by check please email me at ericvancewalton@gmail.com with the number of copies you wish to purchase and your address and I’ll respond with the address to which you can send a personal check.

Own or gift a copy of my very first poetry chapbook. When they’re gone, there will be no more. This would make a very thoughtful and unique Valentine’s Day gift. Although we can’t guarantee it, we will do our very best to have these to your doorstep by Valentine’s Day. Again, the price is $15.50 per copy US domestic and $16.50 for international orders. Thanks!