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Click Here For All of My Titles on Sale!

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I’ve watched you 
through these years 
give yourself away

It happened slowly,
nearly unnoticed
like a slight faucet drip
with every forced smile
you handed away small
pieces of yourself 

I wonder if 
you felt 
it was a worthy 

sometimes still 
I search you
for that lost spark 
of what once was

I can’t help but
when your eyes 
held hope and dreams 
instead of the scathing
sadness of regret.

~Eric Vance Walton~

You Say It’s My Birthday…

…Happy Birthday to me.  : )  Exactly 43 years ago I came into the world at around 4:40 AM.  Ironically this is very close to when my alarm chimes every single weekday morning for work.  In spite of these early morning wake ups, it’s truly been a wonderful life thus far. Today I’m thankful to have the opportunity to spend my day doing one of the things I love most in life…write!  I’m wrapping up my manuscript for my first traditionally published book on writing for beginning (Indie) writers.  The working title is, “The Writer’s Life – How To Live It”  

I’m wrapping up edits today on a chapter pertaining to maximizing profit from your work and budgeting. It’s the largest chapter so far and contains tips on painless ways to cut the excess from your budget as well as ways to squeeze the most profit from your writing. This afternoon, I’ll be hammering away at three new chapters on craft.  I can think of no better way to spend this day. 

As soon as we have more updates and release date for this book I’ll be sharing these things here! 

Have a wonderful day, all! 

Level Me

Level me
with one glance
as you look over your
shoulder and smile
with your eyes

our years are a dance
only just begun
yet I know there will be a day
in some distant time
when the days grow short
I will chuckle with content
as we sip our tea
with the dust
of a million miles
on our feet
and know that this
life was lived complete
my dear.

~Eric Vance Walton~

The Cure For The Common Road Rage


I consider myself a peaceful and easy going individual most of the time, I’ve meditated and practiced yoga for almost twenty years. There are few things anymore that rile me up but one of them left is the annoyance of bad drivers. When I’m driving something transformative happens that reduces the level of my patience nearly to zero. It seems that drivers, more than ever, have their minds on anything and everything but driving. Rules of the road to them are mere, “suggestions” and this would include lane markers, signs and traffic lights.

Yes, I admit was one of those horn-beeping, finger-flipping barbarians who would not hesitate to call you out for cutting me off, running a red light or drifting into my lane while simultaneously steering with your knees, sipping your latte, and checking your Facebook news feed.

My cure came in a most unassuming way. Just recently I bought a used 2010 Honda Fit. This car is perfect for me in every way and inadvertently has ended my decade long, love/hate relationship with driving. I believe what this car has taught me could possibly cure road rage on a global scale.

I’ll never forget the first day I discovered it. It was just a regular day and I was on the way to work. From the other direction someone turned left in front of me, nearly shearing off the first few inches of the front of my, “new” car. I was furious and instinctively slammed my palm into the center of the steering wheel and that is when it happened… “meeeeeeeeep”. Just as a succession of blistering expletives were about to be launched from my lips I laughed instead.

This was no normal horn, in fact it reminded me of the horn on my old 1983 Tomos moped…if the battery were almost dead. The sound was embarrassingly dreadful and actually the antithesis of what a horn should be. I felt shame, I felt embarrassment, it humbled me.

As my father so graciously taught me through his example, the offensive gestures and fiery expletives can come in any order but the horn beeping must always proceed them both. That’s the way it is, there’s no other way.

Instantly, I became a change man, years of anger were wiped clean. All it took was a wimpy horn.

~Eric Vance Walton~

Half Way Home

Awake, at half past twilight
staring hard into the night
heart heavy with nothing
but the weight of wishes
my soul has yet to shed
so much to be done,
many words left to be said

teach me
more than I think
I can learn

please slow
your turn

for Regret,
I don’t wish
to feel your burn

Life, tell me a story
but know that I’m too
old for empty words
the deeper I dig
the deeper you get
that much I know
but these bones ache now
when your cold winds blow

teach me
more than I think
I can learn

please slow
your turn

for Regret,
I don’t wish
to feel your burn.

it was you who
conspired cleverly
to put me here
in this world,
ripe with
storied shadows so
eager to speak their truth
even if people aren’t
always as forthright

teach me
more than I think
I can learn

please slow
your turn

for Regret,
I don’t wish
to feel your burn.

~Eric Vance Walton~