My Debut Novel – Alarm Clock Dawn

Are you looking for a novel to cozy up with on those cold Fall nights? Posted above is a link to my debut novel. This is the first novel of the trilogy and the sequel, Dream No More, will be coming this time next year!

Reader Review by Shawn Mullen-

This is an excellent first novel from an author more known for his poetry. Set in a dystopian society, that frankly looks like somewhere we could easily be headed, the author crafts a cautionary tale about the excesses of a society that strives for more and more “things”. Driven by huge multinational corporations with excellent advertising (Marlboro, Budweiser, Lunestra anyone?), the story evolves to provide a yin to the yang that sets it up. I am NOTORIOUS for getting halfway through a book and jumping to the last chapter, just because I hate waiting. This book was the first one that I didn’t do that to in a Looooong time, and I was handsomely rewarded. There was a nice twist and denouement that I just didn’t see coming. Well worth the read!

Wander Lost

When the routines of life
shroud my peace
and cause me to wander lost

I long to be a small fish in a big pond,

to lose myself in the bright spot
of the next road’s vanishing
and to be born again in foreign eyes

I then awaken in remembrance
that happiness isn’t meant to be rationed
out like thin grey gruel

each day’s dawn is a sweet symphony
and as long as I hear the music
my dreams will have to die another day.

~Eric Vance Walton~

Please “like” and share my Facebook author page.

Please “like” and share my Facebook author page.

Eric Vance Walton is a novelist, author and poet with a writing career spanning nearly two decades. He has published several books in different genres and has won awards for his writing including the, “James Thurber Treat Prize.”Alarm Clock Dawn is Eric’s debut novel and will be the first of a trilogy in the series.

A native of Columbus, Ohio he currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota with his wife and their beagle Amstel. If he’s not working on his latest book you can find him cycling, walking with Amstel in the woods or traveling with his wife.


Alarm Clock Dawn, Eric’s debut novel published in the spring of 2013 was the first of a trilogy of novels. The sequel, Dream No More is due to be released in the fall of 2014 and the third book, Truth Is Stranger, will be published in 2015.

To Run Free

We shared a brief 
sliver of time,
You and I
That will forever hold
In a white-knuckled grip

We tried all of the silly games
I threw the ball, you looked at it
Tail wagging feverishly 

We grew up together,
You were my friend when I had none
We shared many a young summer days running free 
In the grassy fields

As I grew stronger and you grew older,
It was more difficult for you to nip at my heels,
The runs evolved to sprints,
Tapering to trots
And then only occasional walks
Until we came to an agreement 
That naps held precedence over walks

As your sight failed you
You made use of what
You had without a whimper

Pretty soon naps held precedence over most things
But your old gray eyes still sparkled with life

I would come home to be greeted by the sound of your tail thumping the hardwood floor

You asked for nothing more than to be loved
And you returned that love tenfold

I will always remember
That day that your eyes
Lost their sparkle,
The day we had to face a harsh reality,
The day we had to truly show our love

As we said our last goodbyes
Your tail thumped the table
and for a brief second I swear I saw that old glimmer

I like to think it was a thank you
For letting you run free once again.

~Eric Vance Walton~

Ditching Satellite Television – An Experiment

My wife and I were locked into a two year contract with one of the major satellite television providers here in the United States and it recently expired. The monthly fee for the middle package that we purchased steadily increased every six months of the two year contract until we were paying almost $100 per month. We had about a hundred channels but it was deceiving, nearly half of these channels were infomercials and pay-per-view movie channels. The other half rarely had anything worth watching. It became truly painful to hand over $100 to this corporation month after month. We’re both so busy we watch very little television anyway.

We searched for other viewing alternatives and finally found the best solution for us. We found that Apple TV paired with a HuluPlus subscription ($7.99 per month) and a digital TV antenna to pull in the local stations in HD will give us nearly all of the channels we watched previously. The cost of freedom is $150 in hardware but less than 1/10th the monthly cost ($7.99 vs. $100).

Just a few minutes ago we took the plunge and began our journey, purchasing Apple TV and a digital TV antenna (RCA model ANT1650F) online. The hardware should be delivered by the end of the this week and I’ll be posting periodically about how it’s going.  The major hurdle I envision is a psychological one, getting used to on-demand versus scheduled programming. According the Steve Jobs, this is the future of TV and if the popularity of TiVo is any indication, Mr. Jobs was correct.

With the rising cost of living many people, out of necessity are deciding to put more thought into where their money goes.  I think it’s also the public’s growing uneasiness about corporate control of their lives. I just recently heard on the radio that people are leaving the cable and satellite television providers in droves.  This will be the only thing that forces media companies to evolve, to morph into something different and consumer-friendly. Soon we’ll see what television viewing is like on the “other side” of corporate control.  Stay tuned, more to come.

Thank you!

Dear Readers: This has been the most challenging and exciting year of my life. I accomplished something that I never thought I could, I wrote a novel. This brought a 20 year part time endeavor to a new level. You have no idea how much it thrills me to have Alarm Clock Dawn on almost every continent! Much gratitude to you for joining me on this continuing journey. Enjoy the weekend!