Own or gift an original poem of award-winning poet and novelist Eric Vance Walton!

Eric Vance Walton

Own or gift an original poem of award-winning poet and novelist Eric Vance Walton!

Own or gift an original work of award-winning poet and novelist Eric Vance Walton. These make great and unique gifts for all occasions. 


One poem for $20 or two poems for $30.  After two poems are purchased each additional poem is $15. (same order only)

Poem prints are mailed in 8 x 12″ format on parchment paper, ready and suitable for framing.


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The Cubicle Jungle

Eric Vance Walton

Working in the close quarters of the modern office environment can be more difficult than you think. Below are a few tidbits of wisdom to help navigate you safely through the pitfalls of the cubicle jungle.


Homo-Cubiclus – An often intelligent but sedentary creature who sits in a tiny three walled office for 8 to 10 hours a day. These creatures survive on various forms of fried pastry, sugar and caffienated beverages and frequently daydream of places far, far away.

Listed below are some, but not all varieties of Homo-Cubiclus:


Besmircher – One who has mastered the art of twisting every conceivable positive into a negative. You often feel like washing up after encountering a besmircher.


Besmoocher – One who cozies up to the boss or high ranking cubicle-mate at every opportunity and then is the first to talk about him/her like a dog when he or…

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Madison Avenue Marionettes

So spellbound
we count
Dollars in
our dreams

We chase dollars
while wearing
invisible collars and
Strings from our limbs,
Dance, dance
Madison Avenue

Marching to
someone else’s tune,
An ear worm
So cunning
That we swear and
be damned it’s
Our own

We follow the piper
Right into
A self-imposed
prison cell
While all we really have,
this singular moment,
passes forever
from our distracted eyes

Not enjoying nearly as
much as we oughta be
While the most
precious commodity
Time, our time

Become Fluent in truth
An incongruent sleuth
You won’t fit their plan
But you’ll be a (wo)man
Who still has time, your time.

~ Eric Vance Walton ~