Know Your Name

In your heart
you know you’re ready
but the world doesn’t
know your name

so you forever search and pray
for some angel
that will find something special in your muse,
appreciate the miles walked in your shoes
and just be gracious
enough to
hold open the door

you feel time growing shorter
with each sweep of the hands
shoo those troubles of the world
before they nest in the corners
of your mind

In your heart
you know you’re ready
but the world doesn’t
know your name

a small voice says, don’t cry
we must crawl and stumble
before we leap and fly

you chuckle under your
breath in frustration
but your soul is resolute
you couldn’t give up if you tried
and oh have you’ve tried

now you have grown into faith,
into your name
and it fits. It’s destiny,
you’ll never quit
now the world will
know your name.

~Eric Vance Walton~

10 Things I Wish I Knew As A Beginning Writer

10 Things I Wish I Knew As A Beginning Writer

Anything More Is Gravy

It grew me right up
This blessing, this curse
This thing that compelled me
To become a reluctant deity
Contriving a world and all that
Gives it breath

Once the ambrosia of creation
Brushes against your lips
You rely on its complexity
to complete you

this monkey that clings
so desperately to my back
screeching its words of wisdom
Gleaned from lifetimes
Of living in this harsh world

To have nothing more than that,
would be enough
a stone cold faith in these words
and that they have somehow changed me,
grew me right up
Anything more is gravy.

Thank you!

Much appreciation goes out to my new WordPress and Twitter followers this weekend!  I hope you enjoy the content and I have to say it’s awesome to be communicating with so many people from all over the world: Canada; Norway; Great Britain; Prague…!  This is my dream becoming reality.  With your help, Alarm Clock Dawn is on the road to the NY Times Bestseller List.

What If?

What if all that we’ve been taught is wrong?
What if we live in a world
where vanity is a kind of virtue?

A place where confidence and
Self-love are the first steps
In opening up your heart
To the miracle that exists
Within you

What if reality, as we know, it isn’t truth at all but its antithesis?

Comprised of falsehoods that serve all but the greater good,
Bars to keep us imprisoned so that we May never know the true power of our souls.