shiftless moods breed certain fools

who lose their way when darkness falls

wandering souls who’ve lost their way

and fall from grace when duty calls


away they run to foreign lands

that call them so invitingly

to begin the cycle once again

until a problem arises, then they’ll flee


until their woes weigh them down

and begin to slow their tired feet

their heads are buried in their hands

their tired eyes filled with deceit


for all their lives they’ve been a fugitive

running from an awful ghost

this apparition that dwells inside them

they are almost sure to boast


is the source of all they’re problems

all their ills and woes

but they are not caused by this apparition

but by a far greater foe


this beast that dwells inside them

and their soul, he’s surely bought

this fierce and ugly beast

is none other than negative thought.



Total Blue


Up until now

it’s all been empty fiction



can we afford to squander?


lingering in the midst of every nuance.

if only, if only


giving until there’s nothing left

to hold on to,


nothing but total blue


we must struggle with a world

where the deepest of feelings

go unspoken


until we can look into each other’s eyes

with no regrets.


Spring Thunderstorm

A wayward sigh escapes you

And truly blends with ease

Among the sights and

sounds around you,

greying skies and rustling leaves


as your body starts to shiver

you can feel it’s looming near

the calm before the storm has come,

it happens every year


there is an ever-present beauty

in the calm before the storm

anticipation, stillness and

the thoughts of keeping warm,


although there’s clear and present danger

in getting in her path

there can be great enjoyment

in watching Mother Nature’s wrath,


the calm is coming to end

it’s more than plain to see

as lightning breaks the clean grey slate

of sky behind the trees


the rain begins to mist

the wind begins to howl

lightning brightens threatening skies

as thunder snarls and growls


the postman looks up to the sky

and shakes a tight-clenched fist

for the raindrops dance upon his head

falling stronger than a mist


somehow fear eludes me

as I take in all the sights

and suddenly, looking to the west

I see soft clouds of white


blue comes shortly after

then warm rays of sun

just as quickly as it came,

the thunderstorm is done.