So Beautifully Bittersweet

These lines on my face
convey much more
than words can say

In every laugh,
every tear it is written
that life is more than
some fluid interplay
of randomness

I’ve long felt trapped
by the ceiling,
have grown accustomed
to the cool indifference
of its glass

like a child I’ve fogged it over
with breath and etched a
message for some savior
to find

But that savior never came
and the hands, they continued so
persistently in their sweeping revolution
that now no time remains to succumb to sameness

The realization of a dream
appears when it is meant to,
always written in beautifully bittersweet form.

The glass so easily shatters.

Four Thousand Breaths

I feed upon the sky at night
as the last ribbon of sun is gone,
the darkness envelopes this place I sit
four thousand breaths from dawn

my eyes embrace the ancient light
as countless have before,
as crickets sound a seamless chirp
from grass down by the shore

time’s a faint and faded concept
the years converge as one,
miles are merely memories
to be brushed away and shunned

reality is obsolete
before the evening’s shepherd moon,
my eyes open to realize
it’s four thousand breaths from noon.