Level Me

Level me
With one glance
As you look over your
Shoulder and smile
With your eyes

Our years are a dance
Only just begun
Yet I know there will be a day
In some distant time
When the days grow short
I will chuckle with content
As we sip our tea
With the dust
Of a million miles
On our feet
And know that this
Life was lived complete
My dear.


Spring Thunderstorm

A wayward sigh escapes you
And truly blends with ease
Among the sights and
sounds around you,
greying skies and rustling leaves

as your body starts to shiver
you can feel it’s looming near
the calm before the storm has come,
it happens every year

there is an ever-present beauty
in the calm before the storm
anticipation, stillness and
the thoughts of keeping warm,

although there’s clear and present danger
in getting in her path
there can be great enjoyment
in watching Mother Nature’s wrath,

the calm is coming to end
it’s more than plain to see
as lightning breaks the clean grey slate
of sky behind the trees

the rain begins to mist
the wind begins to howl
lightning brightens threatening skies
as thunder snarls and growls

the postman looks up to the sky
and shakes a tight-clenched fist
for the raindrops dance upon his head
falling stronger than a mist

somehow fear eludes me
as I take in all the sights
and suddenly, looking to the west
I see soft clouds of white

blue comes shortly after
then warm rays of sun
just as quickly as it came,
the thunderstorm is done.


All That Really Matters

a perpetual stranger
traveling down
this dark and narrow, twisted trip
of blissful contradiction
with heart wide open

absorbing all this life
has to give while
wandering the razor’s edge
in peace and harmony

ever so thankful
for wounds that sting
and the laughter that heals

in all these many years
I’ve never lost faith
that each step
brings us closer
to that place of perfect completeness

where we wake up in wisdom
to cast all aside
all of our favorite demons
and finally realize
that love is all that really matters.