When the Truth stands before you
all else melts into solemn nothingness
an easy calm settles down upon your soul
and wraps you tightly in the
beauty of each moment
what once seemed all-important
can never again regain its luster
you will not only believe in miracles
but you will know them to be true
for at long last, you once again found you

Nothing Else

As the sun’s rays
illuminate your being
and warm your face
pause to take a nice
long drink of life,
close your eyes and smile.
Know that this moment
in time is real and
all there is,
really all there ever was
and will be
Nothing else matters.
People will feel how they feel
and will believe
what they want to believe
our only job is to be
Fall leaves will continue
their dance in the crisp wind,
the squirrels will continue to play
and the woodsmoke will wisp
long after we’re gone
But now, there is the sun
and the Earth beneath our feet
and our breath. Time is still
and nothing else matters.


Native Sun

I am four generations removed
from a world unrecognizable,
a world without walls,
truth of word and of law
but ultimately just another domino
to fall in the name of progress

Imagination can only give a glimpse
But the seed of memory is strong in me
Often bubbling up as effervescent
Wisdom whispering in my thoughts

The forest is where I come to worship
its great canopy, my cathedral
branches gently swaying in the breeze
to the melody of birdsong, its beautiful choir
I connect with Nature in all her majesty,
the supreme intelligence behind it
gives order to the chaos
again grounds and humbles me
leaving everything right again

just a brief respite from our unbalanced existence
but it helps to quell the sadness of the sorry state we’re in
then the Native Sun tells me to open my eyes
and see that humanity is finally beginning
To awaken from a slumber long huddled in Cimmerian shade

Our family is being remade before our very eyes
And the children of new world are an amalgam
much stronger than the first,
now a harmony unimaginable can be visualized
Shimmering in the not so distant twilight,
and felt flowing towards our shores
Truth and destiny cannot forever be hushed

And to the Native Sun I whisper back, “please hurry”.


Silent Salutations

Our days are filled
with silent salutations
as our nights wander
on to tomorrow’s shore
dreams lap
at the edge of desperation
as hope promises an ever-open door

dragonwell fills my yi-xing pot
as aromatic steam curls in lofty streams
making me, for a moment, forget the grey
no insinuations, pretense, nor enigmatic dreams

the landscape is awash with black and white
on a breeze floats a harbinger of days ahead
a whisper of how mistakes can wither
and drop dead from their vines
to nurture the wise ground
and give such sweet reprise
to those who still believe


The Greatest of Secrets

You languish, awash in worry
that time is slipping by
and all that once was
has long gone down the road
never to pass your way again

they tell you you’re a sinner
and you remember
when your innocence
wouldn’t allow you to believe
but time and their wicked words
have so deliberately whittled you away

it is they who tell you to keep coming back,
dangling the hope of salvation
just beyond your fervor’s grasp.

But there are a few things
that they have failed to tell you
you are miraculous, you are divinity’s spark
the power of your soul is a sleeping giant, long exiled

if you only knew the power that you possess
your eyes would stream tears of joy as if awakened
from a terrible nightmare to realize the greatest of secrets,
that you are an emperor in beggar’s clothes indeed.


Beautifully Bittersweet

These lines on my face
convey much more
than words can say

In every laugh,
every tear it is written
that life is more than
some fluid interplay
of randomness

I’ve long felt trapped
by the ceiling,
have grown accustomed
to the cool indifference
of its glass

like a child I’ve fogged it over
with breath and etched a
message for some savior
to find

But that savior never came
and the hands, they continued so
persistently in their sweeping revolution
that now no time remains to succumb to sameness

The realization of a dream
appears when it is meant to,
always written in beautifully bittersweet form.
The glass so easily shatters.


Four Thousand Breaths

I feed upon the sky at night
as the last ribbon of sun is gone,
the darkness envelopes this place I sit
four thousand breaths from dawn

my eyes embrace the ancient light
as countless have before,
as crickets sound a seamless chirp
from grass down by the shore

time’s a faint and faded concept,
the years converge as one,
miles are merely memories
to be brushed away and shunned

reality is obsolete
before the evening’s shepherd moon,
my eyes open to realize
it’s four thousand breaths from noon.


Anything More is Gravy

It grew me right up

This blessing, this curse

This thing that compelled me

To become a reluctant deity

Contriving a world and all that

Gives it breath

Once the ambrosia of creation

Brushes against your lips

You rely on its complexity

to complete you

this monkey that clings

so desperately to my back

screeching its words of wisdom

Gleaned from lifetimes

Of living in this harsh world

To have nothing more than that,

would be enough

a stone cold faith in these words

and that they have somehow changed me,

grew me right up

Anything more is gravy.


The Simple Life

Simple but not simplistic, this life

Time, not to be wasted,

is forever fluid and relative

we are all one, everything connected

the Universe is the most wondrous web ,

more vast than we can yet fathom

knowing this, I feel comfortably small

For now, I find myself delightfully contented

to feel the sunshine on my face, to laugh,

experience love.

Forever grateful I am to still have mysteries

left to ponder and a single cup

of good green tea well within my grasp.


Things I’ve Learned From Puerto Rico

1. The weather doesn’t get any nicer than this.
2. The people are standoffish at first but warm up quickly.
3. There seems to be a real “Love/Hate” undercurrent in their relationship with the US.
4. The music is loud.
5. They eat lots of meat. “Vegetables” usually consist of either a root vegetable or shredded iceberg lettuce with sliced tomato.
6. Driving is aggressive but people are not as heavy on the horns as most US cities.
7. Coffee is served with milk, almost never black.
8. Life is less orderly and lived at a much slower pace. After coming from mainland America it took a solid 3 days of varying degrees of frustration to get used to it. Now that I am I’m much happier for it.
9. My priorities will be re shifted with less of an emphasis placed on things.
10. I love being immersed in foreign places, learning subtleties of the culture.
11. I’ll be back.