Lips stained purple
From the wine
Wisdom born
From the pain of time
Stings so sweetly,
So completely
Gives as freely
As it takes away

Nothing on Earth
Can stop the silly grin
When, finally, you pause
To take it in and realize
That these, my dear,
Are the golden years

Simple Life

Simple but not simplistic, this life

Time, not to be wasted,

is forever fluid and relative

we are all one, everything connected

the Universe is the most wondrous web ,

more vast than we can yet fathom

knowing this, I feel comfortably small

For now, I find myself delightfully contented

to feel the sunshine on my face, to laugh,

experience love.

Forever grateful I am to still have mysteries

left to ponder and a single cup

of good green tea well within my grasp.