Drink in the sanguine hush
and seek out the lushness of life,
that has been there all along

beyond all whims and aspirations
it lies in waiting with zealous eyes
wishing to awaken us by the sheer weight of its stare
hoping to be the catalyst of our rediscovery

time is not at all contrite in its
eagerness to erase 
all memory of us
but, in truth, time can be beaten 
squarely at its own game.

The Green Mill (Chicago 8/19/2004)

We took the redline to Lawrence

and checked the world at the door

in the footsteps of all those before

who found solace in sax and

draped themselves in neon dreams

I must confess

how easily I acquiesced

to the Gresik groove

hundreds moved

as broad shoulders unloaded

some say this swing-style’s outmoded.

It don’t mean a thing

Brother, I felt the pulse

The heart’s still tickin’

after all these years

And I’m the first to say

That I’m blown away

If relics we are, I accept it

This hurried world, I reject it

As I go back in my mind

to a simpler time

learn a new step and perfect it.


Early Morning Savior

Fingers stained purple
vanilla’s essence fills the air
small bubbles effervesce
as you cure to a rich mocha

buckwheat blueberry pancakes
crowned with a dollop of whipped cream
dusted with cinnamon and paired
with a cup of strong dark roast

filling the hollows of a cold morning hunger
warming the soul if ever so transiently and
properly dispelling the depths of midwinter’s darkness.


Everything flies 

away eventually


a finite succession 

of crystalline 

moments in time

are all that we 

really have here


choices allow us

to shape each of them before

they are frozen in form


In this moment

I choose to be grateful,

happy and to be kind to you


I will never understand

your struggles and

mine you can never know


not hallow kindness 

born of pity

from some bleeding heart


but honest kindness

that comes from a place

of solemn respect

for a fellow traveler

whose twisted path

will eventually lead

them to the fringe

of very same Truth.


Looking Back at 39

Here at the glint

of my dream’s unfolding

Placing the final pieces so deliberately

As this time I want to 

experience the full crescendo  

And savor the fruits of my labor

With those whom I love.  


Life thus far has been magnificent

the greatest of fears, slain

Wisdom gleaned from 

attuning to the hush of nothingness,

a Peace of stillness near


to me it has been proven many a time

That this Universe is a place 

of both infinite miracles and tough love

ever ready to take us into its arms 

and guide us, dutifully like a child 

through the audacity of our sorrows

to stand reborn

in the untouched light of a new day


This year I have learned

not to despair 

for not getting everything

I want

But to rejoice in the fact that I’m 

receiving exactly what

I need.