Be still, coax your soul from the shadows

know when the madness is quieted
you already possess all you’ve ever desired

Be still, see that there is subtle beauty
in each breath, in each second of life
when you are attuned

Be still, melt into the center of yourself and
see that what you once considered reality
will fade away as though you have awoken from a dream.



Quote of the Day

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim too low and reach it.” – Michelangelo

Eric Vance Walton

I’ve seen struggle
know what it’s like
To be broken
It’s not just a token
Of this imagination
So counterintuitive
to get up again

But I walk the grey mile
force a smile for a while
Basking in the same
fluorescent glow
you know

From sea
to shining sea
I see girls and boys
so willing to sell
Their souls
for a bankroll
what happened to
clean and tidy
God almighty
now this is democracy?

Let the beige-ness
Of our existence
leave its creamy
foam on your lips
like a scarlet letter

you’ll feel better
the morning after
mocha latte tips
warm sips sway those
voluptuous hips
to get you through
it all
hip-hop to
trip-hop to
flip-flop and waffle

so easy to grow
thin and angry
when the deck is stacked
or fat and dumb
look out psyche
here it comes,

four more years.


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This is life’s crescendo

constantly on the cusp,

close as a shadow, my best friend

sadness comes only

when I forget that

it is forever with me

this portable bliss

no one can capture

however hard they may try

it lives in the wings of the bird,

the crackle of the fire,

and the kindness of strangers

its beauty surrounds

to remind us who we are

and will cradle us in its arms

until our last breath.


how lucid is your soul tonight
as guards are put to rest?
When not one is stirring ‘round you
and the sun is setting west,

your true being is emerging
as facades yield one by one
as you long to merge with oneness
and to greet the golden sun,

free from inhibitions imposed
by the mind you call your own
freedom from the past mistakes
that haunts your Earthly home,

cross-legged, in the lotus
you begin to clear your wearied mind
wishing for a sliver of a moment
to leave the struggle far behind

your pulse begins to slow
as the void becomes your breath
your heart begins to soothe you
ever-beating in your chest,

dancing somewhere in the stillness
breaking shadows far and near
where a worry’s no longer a worry
and a tear is not a tear,

a wave is all consuming
a bright beam breaks clouds above
you reach your precious goal
and for a moment become Love.


The Cubicle Jungle

Working in the close quarters of the modern office environment can be more difficult than you think. Below are a few tidbits of wisdom to help navigate you safely through the pitfalls of the cubicle jungle.

Homo-Cubiclus – An often intelligent but sedentary creature who sits in a tiny three walled office for 8 to 10 hours a day. These creatures survive on various forms of fried pastry, sugar and caffienated beverages and frequently daydream of places far, far away.
Listed below are some, but not all varieties of Homo-Cubiclus:

Besmircher – One who has mastered the art of twisting every conceivable positive into a negative. You often feel like washing up after encountering a besmircher.

Besmoocher – One who cozies up to the boss or high ranking cubicle-mate at every opportunity and then is the first to talk about him/her like a dog when he or she isn’t present. Can be nauseatingly saccahrine. Try to exchange nothing but vague pleastantries with a besmoocher.

Flapper – (Not to be confused with the 1920’s era cultural icon). One who will literally explode if, after being told something, doesn’t repeat it to someone else within at least five minutes. Flappers have been known to often take creative license in the retelling of said information or stories. Say nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, to a flapper that you don’t want repeated.

Stall Jockey (or sometimes referred to as the less culturally accepted, turd-bird) – An individual who disappears for long periods of time, several times a day. Stall Jockey’s can be fun at parties, exhibit a lacksadaisical attitude and sometimes whistle. The tell-tale sign of a stall jockey is the everpresent reading material proudly tucked under one arm or sandwiched between important looking work-related files.

Toggle-Master – One who posses lightning quick reflexes not unlike that of a ninja. They use these reflexes to their advantage by surfing the internet and reading frivilous e-mail attachments for most of the day. These adreniline junkies are masters of using the “Alt” and “Tab” keys to toggle back to that all-important spreadsheet or work-item just a split second before the boss walks by. Exercise caution when approaching a Toggle-master (ecspecially if unannounced) for they can be skittish and easily exciteable.

Schnoozer – A true schoozer is almost zen-like. They have one foot planted in reality and one foot in the land of dreams and can make an seamless, almost unnoticeable transition. If a Schnoozer is still for more than a few minutes chances are he/she has achieved the illusive dreamlike state.

Wishy-washer – These people, for various reasons, adamately refuse to state their personal opinion or take a strong stance on any one subject for fear it will go “against the grain” in a homogenous politically correct environment. Often, wishy washers have lost all but a shred of their individuality and delight themselves in owning multiple shades of khaki clothing.

Roundabout – “All the world’s a stage” and, when in the spotlight, a good roundabout can be mesmirizing! Roundabouts take pride in rarely giving a direct answer to any question. Watch for a theatrical oratory style, this will often..but not always give them away. The roundabout climbs the ladder quickly and will continue to hone their craft in the cubicle jungle until such time as they decide to move into the political arena.

Chief Time Thief – The person in the office who stealthily lies in waiting to nab you at the least opportune times in hallways or restroom areas for lengthy and often pointless conversations. Avoid this person at all costs, especially in social settings. Chief Time Thieves are almost guaranteed to make their victims sweat and have been known to elevate their blood pressure by at least ten points.

The Piddler – It’s a Piddler’s ultimate goal in life to one day find a way to master the laws of physics and actually suspend time. Until this ultimate goal is reached it will satisfy them to spend least ten times longer than necessary to do each and every job function. Piddlers relish in life’s little details, often have very serious demeanors and appear to be very studious and philosophical.

The Whittler – One who slowly and steadily erodes the morals of the entire department by spreading rumors and/or gossip with the sole purpose of starting trouble within the group. Whittlers are typically excellent strategists, will talk about anyone behind their backs, pit people against one another and sit back and enjoy the show. A tell tale sign of a Whittler is a saccharine sweet veneer and free-flowing compliments for anyone within earshot.

The Martyr – A Martyr will be the first to tell you, the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Martyrs can be seen sighing and shaking their heads in disgust quite frequently. Nervous ticks and soft incoherent mumblings can sometimes be observed in extreme cases.

Gigante Importante – A person who has been with the company since the dawn of time and have found a comfortable niche in middle-management. Gigante Importante’s, many times, operate under the false assumption that they’re indispensable and the Universe would actually grind to a halt if it weren’t for their glowing competence. Be careful, Gigante Importante’s are very territorial and can become argumentative if threatened.

Shiny-Happy-People – These people are just plain happy as hell. In fact, they can be disturbingly happy. Shiny-Happy-People can exhibit short-term memory loss, cry frequently after-hours, most have experimented heavily with psychotropic drugs at some stage in their lives and usually have deep dark secrets that are best left unsaid.

The Interrupter – A person who dominates each and every conversation or meeting that they’re involved in. There’s an unusual air of intellectual superiority surrounding an Interrupter. Usually thin, nervous with very dramatic communication styles and have a hyena-like laugh. These people clearly weren’t given enough attention as children and are making up for lost time. Interrupters have the unique ability to make others feel like they do not exist. Not unlike the Chief Time Thief, the Interrupter can raise other’s blood pressure significantly.

The Interceptor – One who will take another’s good idea and present said idea to a manager with the intention of claiming it as their own. The Interceptor is completely devoid of a conscience or even a shred of common sense and can be found lurking behind cubicle walls, eaves dropping. Seasoned Interceptors have even been known to log onto other people’s computers in their absence to obtain their valuable information.

Human Calliope – One who can make disgusting noises from each and every orifice either separately or in advanced cases, at the same time. Human Calliope’s are often slightly autistic and exhibit brash, anti-social behavior. When conversing with a Human Calliope it’s best to stand at least ten feet away or perhaps wear a slicker.


Nothing Else

As the sun’s rays
illuminate your being
and warm your face
pause… to take a nice long drink of life,
close your eyes and smile.know that this moment in time is real and
all there is, really all there ever was
and will be

Nothing else matters.

People will feel how they feel and will believe what they want to believe
it is our only job to be

Fall leaves will continue to dance in the crisp wind, the squirrels will continue to play and the wood smoke will wisp long after we are gone.

But now, there is the sun and the earth beneath our feet
and our breath
time is still
and nothing else matters.


A Just Pause

Standing here
on the precipice
of nowhere
in particular

feeling open,
for whatever’s next

paying attention
to nothing
but my breath

of anyone nor
seem desperately

the true nature
of how
lucky I am
to perceive
such beauty
and bliss

my soul is strong
and these shoes
are still comfortable
because I’ve
taken these million
humbling steps.