Eric Vance Walton

I’ve seen struggle
know what it’s like
To be broken
It’s not just a token
Of this imagination
So counterintuitive
to get up again

But I walk the grey mile
force a smile for a while
Basking in the same
fluorescent glow
you know

From sea
to shining sea
I see girls and boys
so willing to sell
Their souls
for a bankroll
what happened to
clean and tidy
God almighty
now this is democracy?

Let the beige-ness
Of our existence
leave its creamy
foam on your lips
like a scarlet letter

you’ll feel better
the morning after
mocha latte tips
warm sips sway those
voluptuous hips
to get you through
it all
hip-hop to
trip-hop to
flip-flop and waffle

so easy to grow
thin and angry
when the deck is stacked
or fat and dumb
look out psyche
here it comes,

four more years.


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